Measurements guide

Here is the full guidance for you to complete the measuring steps if you want to order a tailor-made dress. Follow each step and remember that only correct measurements ensure the perfect fit.

Please note we do not provide fittings or measuring service so do only order if you are comfortable with this.

You can use this measurement guide to check your size compared to our size chart too, just bust/waist/hip are needed. If you are in between our size, we suggest to take a bigger size, smaller size will be snug fit. .

Attention before you measure:

  1.  You should wear close-fitting underwear
  2.  Keep your body in an upright, natural standing position without  unnecessary actions
  3.  When the girth around parts of your body is taken, make sure that the measuring tape is held not too loose nor too tight.
  4.  Our seamstress will add allowance when she makes the clothes
  5.  Have someone to measure for you, and measure TWICE to make sure. 
Step 1
Height & Clothes length

We will help you to decide the length of the dress/blouse for you if you only provide your height. But you can provide us your preferred length using the following step.

The length of the gown : The length of the gown is the distance from neck point across the breast point to the lower hem of the garment,the end of the garment or any other point you want to end the dress/blouse.


Take one of your dresses and try to measure its length. 
If you cannot determine the length,please inform us that you want which type of length (e.g knee-length or midi length) with your height.This may help our tailor to determine for you. 


Step 2
Bust / Waist / Hip

In standing position and breathing naturally, measure the girth around the biggest part of bust

In standing position, measure the girth round the narrowest part of the waist

In standing position, measure the girth round the largest part of the hip



Step 3
Shoulder width & Neck girth

 Shoulder width
The distance between two Shoulder joints with arms drooping naturally, taken at back.

Easiest way is to wear your dress with sleeves, and follow the dress shoulder to measure. In general, ladies will have 40cm max shoulder.

Neck girth
Around the the bottom of the neck


Make sure that you measure between the shoulder joints or you’ll have wider or narrower shoulder width.

 If you order a sleeveless dress, we will decide base on your build. 


Step 4 : Sleeves - not required for sleeveless garment


Arm circumference

the horizontal circumference of your arm where the cuff reaches



The circumference of your armhole, measured one round


 Sleeve length

From shoulder seam to the length desired

Step 5 : Thigh girth - only required if you have big thighs that the thigh girth is larger than your hip girth!

Thigh girth
The circumference of your thigh. Measure by wrapping the measuring tape around biggest part of your thighs, normally one centimeter below your buttock crease.


* Photos used are sourced from internet.