Custom Order


We provide only below customization:

- Lengthen/shorten garment's length

- Add/Remove sleeves

- Add/Remove collar

- Mix and match fabric and design

- MTM service (i.e. tailor to your exact sizes) is only for customers that are sure about your measurements. This is due to us facing a lot of cases that we tailor according to the given measurements, but was complained later that the dress did not fit due to wrong measurements given to us and request us to remake, which is not fair to us. We seek for your kind understanding on this.


- Please email us at to check first (1). 

- Please indicate the fabric you are interested in and the design you would like to tailor in your email. Please note any design with "Sold Out" status, the fabric is not available for custom order anymore.

-> After we study your request, we will advise if we are able to do it, as well as custom surcharge (2)

-> Invoice will be sent to you to make payment after order is confirmed from both Joli Pretty and you.

T&C Notes:

(1) No custom request is accepted if you put your Custom request in "Note to seller" during your purchase of our Standard Size. 

(2) The surcharge will depend on how complicated your request is as well as requested fabric. The minimum surcharge is $20 for basic request. 

(3) No fittings and measuring service will be provided as we don't have physical store. 

(4) Alteration will not be provided unless we fail to tailor according to your request and measurements. We can recommend you seamstress if any alteration is needed or you can bring your piece to your trusted seamstress to alter to fit you perfectly. Most of our pieces have allowance of 3 to 4 cm to alter up or down 1 size.

(5) Exchange/Refund is not allowed since the piece is only for you, not for anyone else. So do only order if you are comfortable with this.